About Lizzie

Meet the Original "Mom On A Mission", Ms. Elizabeth Trindade, Known now in her home town as "Liz Chaney". Trindade is the Creator & Owner of Strollercize®, and Author of Strollercize® The Workout for New Mothers. Born in Oregon, and raised in Seattle, WA., Elizabeth spent her adolescence dancing, and majoring in Music & Drama at the Cornish Institute of the Allied Arts. With her heart set on pursuing a dance career, after college, Lizzie, moved straight to New York City. With a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Card under her belt, Elizabeth studied acting as well at the Actors Studio, while still balancing the drama of her life. Later, the knowledge & skills she acquired over these years, would be put directly to use in her business, and the art of motherhood.

In 1987, Elizabeth founded Aline Fitness Inc, a personal training firm that catered to in-home clients and had a small botique fitness center in midtown Manhattan. The prestigious clientele ranged from Anthony Quinn to Dr. Henry Kissinger. As the clientele list grew, so did her notoriety. She was now a fit wife and business women. 

In April of 1995, Beverly Chaney, Elizabeth Trindade's beloved mother, and former talent agent to Brendan Frasier and Jim Caviesal, gave her daughter 5,000.00 to produce, The Strollercize® Video. Music and Dialog written by Paul Shelby (Current Strollercize® Instructor) and Elizabeth. Soon after, Elizabeth lost her Mom to ovarian cancer. She never forgot her mother's words, "Build it and they will come". Strollercize® was created in New York City's Central Park. 

Along came her first baby, Tatiana, in 1990, and her life and career took a turn. She created an actual fitness system around a stroller and later turned it into a business. Come 1999, Lizzie was ready to expand her company, but her marriage was coming to an end and her heart and family seemed broken. With fitness as her strength and her faith, she continued to run her New York City personal training studio, and then turned Strollercize® into the largest stroller fitness business in the country. 

In the midst of it all, this 50-something, Mom of 3, queen of strollers, and now the ruler of the "muffin monarch", created the first abdominal toning tool, The RollerSizeR®, that rolls away the pain & strain, while getting your abs rockin' hard. In her quest to perfect her invention, she accidentally put a nail in her eye. Unfortunately, this left Elizabeth out of the game for some time. However, being the 'Fit MOM-trepreneur' that she had worked so hard to become, after 3 surgeries & not knowing if she'd ever be able to see again, 5 months & 35 pounds later, she began to Rock-N-Stroll her way back to being A Fit Mom. 

To date Elizabeth Trindade is Certifying and Licensing Instructors in The Strollercize Wheel of Knowledge Academy. She frequents NYC Classes to make sure her famous Strollericize Banter and safe systems of strolling fit are maintained. She travels to the four corners of the country to hold workshops and retreats. 

"Right HAND ONLY, MOM ON A MISSION, get those legs striding long, chest up and arm straight, fingers stretched, you have a Mission to be fit! Other Side!" This move and exercise can be seen on the original DVD.

This website is dedicated to all Mothers, including Moms-to-Be, New Moms, Young, Older and "Grand". In the end, may we all become 'A Fit Mom' & remain happy & healthy.iner, Inventor, Artist, Visionary, Believer!

Life starts out like a blank book. Staying fit in life means understanding how to apply the colors, the words, the pictures and see the vision of the story that will be played out. I take my clients, my customers on a journey into seeing the light of fitness in their lives by providing movement that gets them fit for that chapter in their book. 

 I have danced through life to stay fit no matter the situation. With each chapter in my life, there is a fitness program to for it and I share this journey with those that meet along the road of life. I look forward to the meeting.  
The "Stage" is life. How one turns, spins, falls, leaps and finds balance is how one performs the great act of staying fit to survive. Life has bumps in the road, better not be shocked but have Fit Shocks to roll over those bumps. Trindade's programs are the stages of life and being fit for the curtain call!